Lemons, Lemonade and Life!

We all know the saying “when life hands you lemons you just have to make lemonade”.
In my opinion or experience, you just can not always do that! Yep, I said it; you can’t always make lemonade from lemons, or for that matter do any thing at all with those lemons. Sometimes the lemons are rotten, too sour, or you added too much sugar… or it would have tasted perfect but you dropped that glass bottle of lemonade all over the floor and it is now a sticky mess of shattered glass and tasty juice all over the ground, and no matter what you do nobody will ever taste it, no matter how good.
When that happens to you, you may not expect it- you may be so upset over those lemons and lemonade that you fall hard, you feel lost and helpless. You are one of those people who ALWAYS believes that you can make lemonade. SHOCK sort of sets in, fear freezes you, and no action feels like the right action to take. Your mind searches for solutions but there is only emptiness. Your broken into pieces and you just can’t put any of it together. Once your broken pieces have laid there awhile the only way to save yourself is to take a “piece” of your eye and start seeing things. Not the big mess, but the beautiful things. The gifts you’re still blessed with. There is always something beautiful to see or smell or taste or touch. Once you start to do this, you will want to see more and more beauty; and that my friends will allow you to be happy for what you do have.
You will remember that it is never how hard we get hit and knocked down, or spill, but it is always how we can keep getting up..hit after hit, and how we may not be able to make lemonade; but we can be OK and be grateful with what ingredients we do have, until we are ready to make something new.
And maybe you are thinking that I will now go into the story of the two businesses? Or what the heck I am talking about?  And yeah, what is happening with the businesses anyways? What is that story? Well, maybe I will share the details here, maybe I will share everything soon. Or maybe this post has nothing to do with the businesses or anything…maybe it is just a reminder to friends that we all get knocked down and we all have blessings!
Here are mine….

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