Fall Wedding with Susanne and Gerald

The strong trees in storms don’t try to stand up straight and tall, they allow themselves to bend and blow with the wind.  Watching Susanne and Gerald reminded me of a single strong tree moving with the wind; the love they have is connected underneath the earth, in the roots of the tree. You can’t see the roots, but you can feel how alive they are. The love they share is through soft unspoken words, laughter, and unpredictable moments. It is a unique kind of love that you’re lucky to catch a glimpse of once or twice in your lifetime.

They understand the power of letting go, trusting in the swaying movement of the dance they need to do in order to get to the next step. They understand the different seasons their love will go through and they are at peace with that. The love I was honoured to photograph will last this lifetime and into the next.

With the leaves now changing colours it reminds me of this memorable wedding.


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