Coffee, Companionship, and Contemplation…

Well as I sit here to write, I can’t help but think that all three of these words have many things in common. Another word that comes to mind is of course conversation, it goes hand in hand with coffee. As I sip on my coffee I reminisce about a beautiful summer memory…

Good friends, good coffee….. I mean “homemade from the bean” coffee;  and contemplating the ups, downs and                    in-betweens of life; it couldn’t have gotten much better than that on a Sunny Sunday in the Summer.

The regular Joe like myself regards coffee as coffee, but the connoisseur like my friends, notices the range of tastes, aromas, beans and locations. When sipping a cup you are partaking an array of cultures and wisdoms. The cappuccino we had in the summer, made from espresso beans was very different from what we have at home on a daily basis. Ooohh to go back to that moment and that taste….

Coffee and Companionship have quite the past together. Ceremonies take place in different parts of the world demonstrating this friendship. Raw coffee beans are roasted in front of friends. The smoking beans are passed all around for everyone to enjoy the fresh aroma.  At times even friendships prayers or blessings are offered, the beans then are ground and ready for consumption. The brew shared is an ode to friendship by those drinking it.  An old tale says something like after a few cups of coffee people become life long friends. As I hold my beautiful cappuccino, it makes me happy to think of how many cups of coffee I have shared with these friends and believe that this tale is true.

For all of our common interests, and for all of our unique qualities and differences that we each bring to the friendship, there is a deep respect for one another. These are true friends. Friends who listen without judging, but at the same time challenge your beliefs for you to see another side. These are the kinds of friends that you can go months, maybe even a year without speaking too, and pick up where you left off. These are the kinds of friends you get so excited when you know you are going to see them because when you  are with them, you feel heard, understood,  and that they are truly interested in whatever you are saying. The conversations and laughs go on for hours and nobody wants it to end.

Of all the sayings out there about friends that you can find, about what a true friends is; I sat there holding piping hot coffee thinking of how blessed we were to have friends like that, and how blessed our children are to be creating the same type of friendships as they ran around us laughing and playing. Too bad I couldn’t catch a group photo!

“You can be a Big Hot Mess, or you can be the Warmest Smooth Blend and it doesn’t matter to your best friend!”                        (paraphrased from unknown)

Not every friend is happy with your joys and successes; but these ones are! Not every friend knows how to handle your terrible lows that you may go through without pulling away; but these ones do! And not every friend will just sit and listen to you vent and be okay with that. But these ones are. Just like not every cup of coffee will taste the way it did that Sunday, and not every friendship is brewed to last a lifetime, but we can look back on things and see what they taught us. That Sunday I was taught that I am blessed to have such great friends, that Coffee is an ancient gift and a reminder to me of my friends, of great conversations, and of the blessings of life.

I think it’s about time to pour another cup!


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