Point of Departure

Welcome 2017!!!!! Taking on new challenges and setting new goals is something that I really enjoy, and what a better time to begin than at the start of the New Year. This year my goals are to complete the “one picture a week” challenge, and I am also choosing to blog on a REGULAR basis (schedule for that is to be determined 😉 ) to help share the stories of my clients images and to express the meanings behind my own photographs.

Week 1- Beginnings

“Point of Departure” was created because I love images of water droplets!! As well, I feel that something so small and insignificant as a water droplet means so much more than that. The departure of the first drop is what starts the flow of something that eventually ripples. It is in taking the first picture, the first step, the making of the goal that gives us the momentum to want more. A droplet of water is essential to life, just as taking on new challenges are essential to growth.




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