Seek the Light!

Seek the Light!

What a week filled with such emotion. The darkness, the unfortunate truth, the alternative facts, the reality that we are not “ok” with this, and so much more.

It is in moments of darkness that I find myself going quiet and seeking the light.

I find consolation in those I care for, yes, but when I need to be alone, to think, to mourn, to grow; I turn to art. I create images, I listen to music, I draw, I play music, I journal, I dance and sing, I edit photographs, and dream up more images to take.

I take pictures in the darkness to find the light.

I find that in our darkest moments when we are struggling, that is the time that we must turn to the light. It is always there no matter how small.


Week 4 – Light


The picture of the violin is one my favourites and the very instrument I turn to when searching for happiness.

The little violinist was taken this past week and was the perfect opportunity to divert my attention from all of the gloom and the editing process has continued to bring me joy.

This week was a time for turning to the light.




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