Aimee remembers her first camera. It was a Kodak Ektralite 600 camera that took  a 110 film cartridges. It was given to her from her parents and that’s when her love for photography began. She was about 10 years old, and has not stopped taking pictures since. Through high school and college she dabbled in visual arts. Aimee formally educated herself through Conestoga College’s renowned photography program, and continues to upgrade her photography qualifications throughout her life.
Whether capturing the sleek lines of a building or the beauty in a babies wrinkly toes, Aimee brings her artistic talent to photography by creating pure, compelling images. Being a diverse photographer Aimee finds joy in focusing on wherever her goals leads her. When shooting commercial, portrait or photo journalistic photographs she takes a genuine, yet chic perspective approach to photographing personalities.
Her focus is lifestyle, commercial, nature and unique artistic pieces. Aimee finds happiness in the simple things like those intimate moments shared between a bride and her mother the morning of her wedding day. She also seeks the quiet moments where she can capture the beauty of a commercial product; left alone with her creativity.
Aimee is driven by curiosity; she pictures an image in her mind and turns it into reality. She is inspired by people, music, travel, art, and the outdoors.
Aimee’s eye for detail in a variety of manufactured and natural forms is evident in her portfolio. She loves to tell stories with her images; let Aimee tell your story!

_DSC0066 copy

Myself, and my handsome second shooter!

“With my photographs, it’s my hope to dream up an intimate discussion that takes the observer to a place of quiet contemplation.”


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